The secret of our Vegano pizzas is that we respect the traditional procedures and recipes. After preparing the dough, we give it time to rest to develop its taste and texture. When the dough has rested for several days it is ready to be made into balls. These balls are left to rise in our retarder prover cabinets for several more hours, and only then will they be shaped into pizza bases. We are unique in applying this traditional process because it takes a lot of time, and time is money.

We are creative in our choice of sauces and bases. Besides the traditional tomato sauce, we use vegan mascarpone, mascarpone truffle, Indian curry and pesto sauces. Our pizza bases are prepared with traditional wheat flour, and to make them healthier and tastier we add vegetables to most of our bases. We have developed bases prepared with 30% zucchini, beetroot or pumpkin.

When our pizza bases have been sauced they are pre-baked in a wood stone oven. After baking they are topped with delicious high quality products from Italy. Our pizza bases are all topped by hand, which guarantees not only a great taste and a high diversity in ingredients but also a visually attractive pizza.


Chilled or Frozen

Our pizzas are available chilled or frozen. Our Ø32 cm chilled bases are freshly topped in the country of distribution, guaranteeing a hyper fresh product.

Our chilled pizzas are packaged in a Vegano pizza boxes and have an 8 day shelf life. Our line of frozen pizzas is available in Ø32 cm and Ø39 cm (grande) with a shelf life of 12 months.

Our Grande pizzas are meant to be cut into 8 slices and are usually used on high traffic locations. For this size we have branded Vegano pizza holders and table top presentations. Our Ø32 cm pizzas are usually distributed to campings, beach clubs, restaurants, retail, etc. For this specific size we can supply branded Vegano pizza boxes.