Become a Vegano Pizzas partner (dealer)

Are you active in the food delivery business and looking for a way to boost it? Then our plug and play concept could be your ticket to more success! The world is changing, plants are the new cows, and veganism is hot and booming. With minimum requirements and no upfront investments you can become one of our partners and boost your business.

By becoming a partner you will be contributing to the next big thing. You will be part of the solution to a better world by distributing the Vegano products, while making some dough ☺.

The concept

Vegano Pizzas will supply you with products that are made in our quality control kitchen in Italy. All our pizzas and pastas are IQF frozen. Besides supplying you with our products, we will also send you the orders placed by our customers. The orders for our “ready to eat” concept will come through the Vegano Pizzas website and through partners such as UberEats, Deliveroo, etc. For the “ready to heat” subscription based clients, you will get your orders delivered from our warehouse twice a week. 

What will you have to do?

For “ready to heat” you’ll have to preheat our products, add toppings like arugula or nuts, put them in the Vegano Pizzas, pizza or pasta box, and make the delivery. You will also need to pick and deliver the orders from the subscription holders on a daily basis. 

What do you need to have?

Enough freezer capacity, an oven (combi steamer) and your own delivery system. (If you have a lack of freezer capacity, we can supply you with one.)

What you don't need to have

  • A Restaurant
  • Investment money (9 out of 10 times there won’t be additional investments necessary)
  • A pizza oven 
  • Pick-up options 

We will supply you with

  • Orders (sales)
  • Amazing products
  • Your exclusive area
  • Marketing tools 
  • A fee for your services

We are currently looking for partners in London (UK), the Netherlands, and Berlin (Germany).

If you are interested in becoming a Vegano Pizzas partner, please send an email to