A fitting solution for every location

For high traffic locations we have developed a table top styled in the Vegano corporate identity. The table top presentation is a heating solution on which our Ø39 cm pizzas can be optimally presented, and which will keep them warm and fresh for about an hour.

We also often work together with our clients to create custom solutions.

All of our packaging materials for the Foodservice and Hospitality sector as well as in the Retail sector are matched to each other so that our brand image comes across clearly.


Chilled or Frozen

Our pizzas are available chilled or frozen. Our Ø32 cm chilled bases are freshly topped in the country of distribution, guaranteeing a hyper fresh product.

Our chilled pizzas are packaged in a Vegano pizza boxes and have an 8 day shelf life. Our line of frozen pizzas is available in Ø32 cm and Ø39 cm (grande) with a shelf life of 12 months.

Our Grande pizzas are meant to be cut into 8 slices and are usually used on high traffic locations. For this size we have branded Vegano pizza holders and table top presentations. Our Ø32 cm pizzas are usually distributed to campings, beach clubs, restaurants, retail, etc. For this specific size we can supply branded Vegano pizza boxes.