About Us

Founder Danny Galiart:

I have been active in the pizza industry for over 30 years. About 10 years ago I became a vegetarian, and in 2018, after watching the documentary Cowspiracy, it was a no-brainer for me to go vegan. I didn’t just want to leave it at that, which had me thinking “What can I do more?”.

Driven by concerns for animal welfare, health and environmental awareness I have challenged myself and the people around me to create the most heavenly vegan pizza range possible, and start the Vegano Pizzas concept. For months my wife Kirsten (who is a flexitarian), my daughter (vegetarian) and I, have asked vegan and non-vegan friends over for vegan pizza and prosecco tasting parties to try out all the new recipes we created.


Our goal was to put together a completely new range of pizzas that would be loved and enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegans. I have taken great care to keep the quality standards just as high, if not higher, for our range of vegan pizzas as they are for other pizzas we created in the past. The Vegano pizzas had to be healthy, tasty and appealing. I strongly believe in the idea that people should be rewarded for making the vegan choice.

To achieve these high quality levels I had to challenge my suppliers. They had to open their mind to innovative pizza ingredients. Not only has it been important to develop new types of pizza bases made with beetroot, pumpkin or zucchini, but the sauces were just as important. It was not always easy to find partners that were able and also willing to try and create a vegan mascarpone truffle sauce or Indian curry sauce, but with our highly motivated team we have been able to pull it off.

While researching the possibilities and challenges around developing vegan pizzas it had become clear that there is a growing interest in vegan pizzas. And we have seen some retailers that are already offering some products to meet this demand. However, until now, the quality and vegan options were still disappointing. We feel that vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians should have a choice from a full range of different pizzas and pasta’s with a level of quality that is just as good or even better than that of conventional products. We are convinced that our range of high quality products will support and excite more people to eat plant based products.

High quality vegan ingredients of a pizza, such as vegan substitutes for cheese, are unfortunately still quite expensive. To be able to reach the best possible proposition, we decided to deliver our Vegano products directly to your doorstep. You will soon be able to get our ‘ready to heat’ pizzas through a subscription. To directly satisfy your vegan cravings, we will also introduce a ‘ready to eat’ concept where the product will be delivered to your doorstep in 30 minutes.